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Twin Pack BBQ & Free Lighter


Having a BBQ when camping is brilliant, but you need to be are aware of the following carbon monoxide facts and advice in order to use your BBQ safely:
BBQs give off carbon monoxide for hours after use, even if they are no longer smoking.
Never take a BBQ into your tent, awning or any enclosed area such as a caravan, motorhome or cabin.
Never use a BBQ to heat your tent.
Always use your BBQ in an open area that has plenty of ventilation, far away from tents or other sleeping areas.



Our packages have been carefully put together by our years of festival experience. These packagers have been made up to help you save money we offer a basic package for those on a budget, and a premium package in each category for those people who want the added extras. These package deals make planning and packing for your trip a much simpler affair, ensuring you have all you need for a great festival experience.

Pack Includes

2 x Single use BBQ’s

Free lighter


**** 2000 Trees Festival *****

This product is unavailable at 2000 Tress Festival Sorry for any inconvenience.


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