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Stay safe at the UK Summer Festivals and follow the drinking Safety Tips!!!!

Well it’s that time of year again folks, UK summer festivals time will soon be upon us so with the sun shining and the bands playing and were again catching up with old friends and making new ones, but we have some long days ahead of us. So the last place you want to be is stuck in your tent with a monstrous hangover. Don’t deny it we’ve all been there saying I’m never drinking again………………………………………..
So here is our easy “Plan” on Drinking Safety Tips for this year’s UK Summer Festivals.

Plan and Prepare for the UK Summer Festivals ahead

Crowds Enjoying Themselves At Outdoor Music FestivalTake a water bottle with you this is an essential item for UK summer festivals and carry it with you so you can refill each time you pass water filling stations and also take a supply of water with you to keep in your tent for the evening and morning after.

You want your mobile phone with you to keep in contact with friends and arrange meeting points, but don’t forget that all important phone charger. Plan on investing in a battery powered emergency charger beforehand – they’ll help keep your phone alive.

Just In Case – useful items to have in your backpack, re-hydration salts (from your local chemist) will replace salts and minerals, headache tablets and something to settle your stomach (antacid).


Bottles of beerThis is the easiest way to keep up our energy levels and to keep up with the pace is to EAT, yes it’s that’s simple. So with the various array of foods available at UK summer festivals you will be spoiled for choice. But best not to drink alcohol on an empty stomach, so eat often keeping yourself topped up with food as it does reduce the pace in which your body absorbs alcohol, don’t try to substitute food with alcohol – its not cool and one sure way to be tucked up in your bed early.

As it is easy to get carried away at UK summer festivals and forget about the amount of alcohol you’re drinking, especially if you start early in the day and carry on until you forget when to stop, so pace yourself, have soft drinks and water in between alcoholic ones. Remember it’s the UK so come rain or shine festivals = great music and lots of dancing to your favourite bands. But remember to increase your water intake to replace lost fluids. If you don’t keep yourself well hydrated then you’ll just end up just feeling ghastly.

It’s a well-known medical fact that to process one unit of alcohol it can take your body around an hour to process. So that the process can start early, it’s best to cut our drinking before the end of the evening. This will give you less of a hangover the next day as your body has a head start.


Young people on festivalsSo you wake up in your tent at one of this year’s UK Summer festivals with a monstrous hangover, and state those words NEVER AGAIN!!!
Now what to do next and how to get yourself back out there listening and dancing to your favourite bands. Drink plenty of water and also try some fresh juices and goodness filled smoothies to give your body a much needed fuelling of vitamins and goodness and take some the re-hydration salts.

In the event you truly need something to help with that banging head or washing machine like stomach; then dig out those painkillers to help with the hammering head and acid neutralizer to settle your stomach. Try to find something to eat or drink with kiwis or bananas in it (they are high in potassium a vital mineral you lose when you drink). Don’t be tempted to have more alcohol; this will just delay the inevitable hangover.

Then one last thing take a break from alcohol and refer back to our UK Summer Festivals drinking safety tips!!! And remember our “Plan” to help you have a super UK festival season.

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