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Festival Aftermath


We are trying to raise awareness of the terrible state that the campsites are left in when everyone goes home after a Festival. Abandoned tents, camping equipment and rubbish blight the beautiful green fields which will be destined for landfill and will take years to decompose.

Help Us To Help You.
Here at Fat Frank’s we have put a number of services in place to help you be a bit more eco friendly and have a more sustainable festival camping experience whilst reducing the left over waste going into landfill.


This is a free and easy service where you purchase all your camping needs from our website and collect at the festival. This will make travelling to the festival via public transport, car share, big green coach or flying in for the festival much easier and help reduce your carbon footprint before you even start.
2. Tents For Trees
New for 2022 our tents for tree campaign. Frank will plant a tree for every tent purchased, tent rented and tents donated at the end of the festival. We have already planned 100 trees to get us started and our friends at Bloodstock.uk.com have donated a 100 tents . Check out our progress her – https://ecologi.com/fatfrankscamping
We sell good quality tents at affordable prices, so dont confuse our cheap prices with low quality tents. Our tents are designed to withstand the harshest weather and made to last for years.  Please take your tent home and reuse for many more festivals, a weekend away or garden camping.
Check out our tent range page for more information.
4.  Salvage & Donate 
At the end of the festival the Fat Frank’s team will go out into the campsites and salvage good reusable tents, chairs, sleeping bags & airbeds we then donate the salvaged tents and equipment to local Chesterfield youth groups and charities.
Our chosen charity for 2023 will be confirmed soon.

Please do your bit when you leave.

Thousands of tents and abandoned camping equipment like airbeds, roll mats, chairs, blankets and gazebos are left after each festival. Think responsibly when you are packing your bags, don’t bring items that you won’t be able to take back home again.

Put all your rubbish into the bins provided and use the recycle bins to reduce the amount going into landfill. Even just five minutes of effort from each person at the Festival would make a HUGE difference.  Please remove all your tent pegs from the ground. It is really important not to leave any behind because they get embedded in the ground and when the fields get rotavated, the metal pegs can get chopped-up into small pieces. This can lead to serious injury and harm to livestock using the fields.

Festival Aftermath

Festival Aftermath




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