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Flameless Cook Set


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The medium, semi-reusable Self-Steamer is perfect for festivals no fire or electricity is needed, and it guarantees a piping hot meal every time within 15-30 minutes (depending on the cooked stage of the food). The steamer works brilliantly in all weather conditions – you can still have a hot meal even if it’s raining! The Self-Steamer is compatible with foil-packed and dehydrated meals and can also steam-cook fish, vegetables and eggs from raw, tinned food, leftovers or shop-bought ready meals. The steamer is popular amongst campers as they aren’t restricted to a specific meal choice and is specially engineered to circulate steam throughout the food ensuring no hot or cold spots.

• Package contains: 1 Semi-Reusable Self Steamer + 2 x 100g HeatStones
• Can be used up to 5 times but the HeatStone needs to be replaced after each use
• Works by activating the HeatStone (Quicklime) with water
• Dimensions: 246mm (L) x 172mm (W) x 95mm (D)
• Capacity: With the divider tray the larger compartment takes 500g food and the smaller side takes 300g food.
• If used in a tent, make sure there is enough ventilation.
• Lightweight: The Steamer is lightweight and very portable
• Made of 100% polypropylene (pp plastic) it is recyclable but we recommend where possible to upcycle
• The HeatStones needs to be replaced after each use and disposed of in the normal rubbish bin after being spent and cooled down.


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