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Flameless Cook Set Fuel 3pk 100g




The HeatStone is used in the Heat2Eat Self-Steamer to ensure a piping hot meal within 15-30 minutes. After pouring 200ml water inside the Self-Steamer’s base, remove the HeatStone from the plastic packet, submerge it into the water for the steaming process to start, add your food into the Steaming tray, put the lid on, and wait for the magic to happen. The HeatStone needs to be replaced after each use and disposed of in the normal rubbish bin after being spent and cooled down. 100g HeatStones are compatible with the medium Self-Steamer range.

– HeatStone Outer Package: High density polyethylene covered with plastic (to keep it safe until ready to be used).
– Heater Pad inside: Aluminium powder, sodium chloride and calcium oxide


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