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Disposable BBQ

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Having a BBQ when camping is brilliant, but you need to be aware of the following carbon monoxide facts and advice in order to use your BBQ safely:
BBQs give off carbon monoxide for hours after use, even if they are no longer smoking.
Never take a BBQ into your tent, awning or any enclosed area such as a caravan, motorhome or cabin.
Never use a BBQ to heat your tent.
Always use your BBQ in an open area that has plenty of ventilation, far away from tents or other sleeping areas.


The disposable BBQ is a highly popular product and the ultimate festival accessory for outdoor eating. Each BBQ comes complete with real lumpwood charcoal and fire-lighters.
Length 31cm x Width 24cm x Depth 5cm.

Quantity of charcoal: 600g.
Approx burning time: 100 – 140 mins.
Start cooking 15 mins after lighting.

This product is unavailable at Leeds & Reading  Festival Sorry for any inconvenience.


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