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Music festivals and why we love them?

The music might have changed a bit, but music festivals date all the way back to ancient Egypt and Greece, and is that really a surprise? Everyone likes some sort of music. Whether you’re at home or abroad there will always be a music festival to suit your taste. Nowadays they are more popular than ever, with new ones popping up left, right and centre. But why is it that we love them so much? It’s crowded and muddy and you have to stay in a tent for days, so why do people keep going back?

Crowds Enjoying Themselves At Outdoor Music Festivals

Music Festivals – Not just about the headliners!

Music festivals often have a specific genre, so people can go to the music festival that suits their taste in music, only it’s much better than buying a compilation CD as you get to hear them LIVE!

One of the great things about festivals, which a lot of people doesn’t really think about, is that there are also a lot of lesser known bands on the bill, not just the headliners. The main attractions are of course an important factor in buying the pricey ticket, but the obscure groups often put on a great show as they feel they have more to prove. Who knows, you might leave the festival with a new favourite band.

The people and atmosphere – friendships made in minutes

You can expect lots of noise, large crowds and an energetic vibe at most music festivals. Some people go to festivals for the atmosphere rather than the music, and it kind of makes sense when you think about it. Whether you’re going alone or with friends you are in a field with hundreds of other people that have the same taste in music as yourself. You already know you have one thing in common, so it’s common to strike up a conversation with a stranger between sets and end up with a new friend for life. Who cares about the constant rain and mud if you’re with the right people?

 Young people at music festivals

Festival food – how much choice is there really?

You might think the only food being served at music festivals are burgers and hot dogs, with the odd jacket potato thrown in, but you couldn’t be more wrong. There is an abundance of different foods served at the various food stalls. From Cornish pasties to half a lobster, and Piri Piri chicken to doughnuts.

Some festivals, like Knightsbridge food and music festival, focus not just on music, but also locally grown food so you can eat ethically while listening to great music. Not only can you get amazing locally-grown food at some music festivals, but many of them donate the money from food and drink sales to charity, so you can fill your belly and your conscience.

Or why not get yourself a spirit burner and cook set and invite your newfound friends over to your tent for a festival dinner party? You’ll save money and avoid the queues.

Music festivals are fun

So pick a music festival and have a great time this summer. Festival Essentials sell all and any equipment you may need to be prepared.

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