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Music festival safety

A few music festival safety tips are the most important thing you can bring to a festival. After your ticket and tent of course. Staying safe is important no matter where you are, and especially so when you are at an event with a lot of people. Music festivals are usually peaceful events filled with people wanting to have a good time. Unfortunately crime and accidents does happen. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to festivals, but knowing some basic ways of staying safe goes a long way.


Personal safety at music festivals

Music festival safety when at the front of a crowdThe most important thing in music festival safety is to keep you and your friends safe. Things can be replaced and money can be borrowed. So here are some basic tips for personal safety this festival season:

Stay in groups. There is definitely safety in numbers. Don’t worry if you feel someone in the group is slowing you down, just go with the flow. If you do have to go off on your own, tell someone where you are going and when you will be back.

Arrange a meeting point that everyone will be able to find their way back to if they get away from the rest of the group. Arrange to meet there at a few set times during the day. Don’t rely on mobile phones as they might not work.

Charge your phone. If you’re in a group, and you don’t have time to charge your own phone, make sure someone in the group always has a charged phone.  Also put a contact marked ICE (In Case of Emergency) on your phone so that if something should happen people will know who to contact.

At night you should stay on the main roads on the camp-sites. Consider bringing a torch to guide your way and make sure people can see you. You could even put one on in your tent to make it stand out and help you find your way back to it. Not only that, any potential thief will think there is someone inside the tent, which would stop them from breaking into it.


Your valuables – music festival safety tip

Safety when in the crowdOf course you’ll want to keep any valuables safe at a festival as well. So here are some basic music festival safety tips to keep those valuables safe:

Don’t bring them! You will NOT need your DSLR camera, laptop, tablet or antique diamond bracelet at the festival. They will be much safer at home. Consider getting a disposable camera and only bring the amount of cash you need. Make a note of your bank’s emergency number in case your card gets stolen.

Empty your car. If you do bring any valuables to the festival with you, do not leave them in the car, put them in the locker facility provided. Make sure your car is empty and the glove compartment open to show a potential thief that there is nothing in it to break in for. Check on your car regularly as well.

Mark your valuables and tent with your name and postcode to reduce the risk of anything being stolen. If you’re an untidy person this might actually help you when you’re at a music festival, if your tent is a mess and there is no obvious bag to grab, it will make the job of a potential thief much harder.

DO NOT padlock your tent. This will only point out that you have something worth stealing inside it and make your tent more likely to be broken in to.


Staying safe in the sun

If you’re lucky enough to get any sun, you will be spending hours in it, so protecting yourself against the harmful rays is an important music festival safety tip. To ensure your festival experience isn’t ruined by sunburn, dehydration or worse it is important to wear a wide-brimmed hat and regularly apply sunscreen.

Drink plenty of fluids to avoid getting dehydrated, this means water and soft drinks – not just alcohol as that will just make you dehydrate quicker! Whatever you drink, make sure you don’t leave your drink unattended, as even soft-drinks can get spiked with drugs or alcohol. Bring a water bottle with you so you can refill it when you go past filling stations.

Festivals are fun and amazing events, and it’s easy to forget to look after yourself, but keeping these simple music festival safety tips in mind, drinking water and applying sunscreen is always a good thing.

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