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Glastonbudget Music Festival

Music festivals have become one of the biggest leisure activities in recent years and these events are no longer just for the die-hard music fans willing to pout with up terrible conditions and miles and miles of mud to trudge through. There is a growing sense of the boutique around music festivals, with an increasing number of music festivals focusing on providing a better mix of surroundings, food, music and location to a more selective clientele. The problem with this style of festival is that it will usually focus on a niche musical genre or on very small bill.

This means that people who want to enjoy the music of some of their favourite bands but who dont to pay extortionate prices while being herded around like cattle with tens of thousands of people can struggle to find the festival that is right for them. This is where the Glastonbudget Music Festival comes in, and the festival name gives you an immediate feel for what the festival has to offer.


This is Glastonbury at a fairer price and with less mud!

This festival, based in Wymeswold in Leicestershire aims to provide concert goers with the diversity and excitement of the Glastonbury festival but without the high cost, and with hopefully less mud. The 2015 Glastonbudget Music Festivals celebrated the 10 year anniversary since the first ever Glastonbudge Music festival in 2005 and it looks set to build on the success of previous years.

The music policy at Glastonbudget has three very distinct flavours to it. You can expect to enjoy:

  • Tribute bands
  • New bands
  • Acoustic acts

This provides three different styles of act to enjoy over the course of the weekend, which should mean that there is something for everyone and if you are looking to catch a wide range of music style, you will find plenty to enjoy.

The line-up for the 2015 Glastonbudget Music Festival, scheduled to take place on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of May 2015 is yet to be fully finalised but the festival organisers have announced some of the tribute acts who will be playing across the weekend.


See some of the finest tribute acts in the UK

Crowd at concertYou can expect to be regaled with songs by acts as diverse as Pink Floyd, Oasis, Michael Jackson, Guns N Roses, Madness, Kasabian, Foo Fighters, Queen, Abba and Madness. There will be a great deal of fans favourites on offer from these groups and if you are looking forward to a communal sing-along with your friends, this is the festival line-up that provides you with all of your favourite acts and tunes.

The New Bands element taps into the spirit of adventure and excitement of Glastonbury. There is a great deal to be said for checking out new and local bands at a festival. This is the ideal opportunity to discover new music and you may have the chance to see the next big thing play to a small and welcoming crowd. With acoustic acts playing long into the evening, you will find that no matter what sort of music you love to listen to, Glastonbudget Music Festival has what you need.

There will be five stages to enjoy at Glastonbudget with the Main Stage, the Big Top (which is Main Stage 2), the Icon Stage, Loco and the Acoustic stage. The spread of stages means that there will always be something worth checking out and if you don’t like an act on one stage, there will likely be an act that you like on another stage.

While the music is central to the excitement of a music festival, there is a lot more to enjoy about Glastonbudge Music Festival. There is an excellent selection of food and drink on offer, with a selection of top brand lagers and plenty of local and craft better selections. There is a wide variety of cuisine on offer and if you are looking for entertainment other than the musical acts, there will be plenty to check out.

If you love the idea of Glastonbury but don’t want to pay the high prices or spend hours getting from one stage to another, the Glastonbudget Music Festival is likely to be ideal for you.

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