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The Festival Survival Guide to Staying Safe

Our festival survival guide is full of common sense tips to keep you safe. Festivals may feel like a great opportunity to let your hair down (and they are), but like any events where there are a lot of people, they can also have dangers to be aware of. There’s absolutely no reason why you should let fear deter you from going to one of these awesome events but it’s always important to consider some basic ways of staying safe.

Festival Survival Guide Top Tips

A festival survival guide is all about making your festival experience the best it possibly can be. So here are our basic pointers to staying safe:

– Meeting Points – Often, groups can get separated at these big events but there is no reason to panic if you find yourself alone. When you arrive at the arena, pick a meeting point for when your group gets dispersed, there are plenty of tall and bright landmarks to choose from. That way, if you find yourself alone, you’ll stay in plain sight where your friends can come and join you.

A woman anjoying the crowd at a festival– ICE, ICE, Baby – Not ice cubes, ICE – in case of emergency. Have a contact labelled ICE in your phone or somewhere on your person at all times, that way if something should happen to you, someone can call that person and let them know where you are etc.

– Leave Those Valuables at Home – It’s all about being sensible. When you’re home for the week is a tent, you can guarantee it’s not the securest place in the world. So don’t bring your expensive jewellery or possessions, you’re unlikely to recover them should your tent get rifled through. There’s no point bringing a lock either, experts have actually suggested that a lock attracts more attention to your tent and puts it more at risk.

– Be Kind, Drink Water – Festivals can be really hard on your body, so do your best to keep hydrated, eat regularly, wear sun-cream. Give yourself a fighting chance of staying fit the whole way through, even if you indulge yourself slightly …

Festival Survival Guide for Girls

Festival Survival guides are for everyone and a festival is as much for girls as it is for guys, we all enjoy music, dancing and all round fun. But the truth is, that sometimes girls are more vulnerable. Staying safe is as much common sense as anything else, so never fear girls, just follow these tips.

– Group Up – As much as is humanly possible, stay with your group. There really is strength in numbers and you’ll feel safer as much as anything else. If you get separated, don’t panic, stay in plain sight and head to your meeting point.

– Lights A-Glowing – These things are usually pretty well lit but it never hurts to bring a torch, even if it’s just the one on your phone. Things look a lot less dangerous in the light and it’ll keep you nice and visible and guide your way.

A great Festival Survival Guide for girls to stay safe at festivals

– Are you Charged? – Try and make sure at least someone in your group has a fully charged phone. There are plenty of outlets where you can charge up but if you’re busy or there’s a big queue, try taking it in shifts to keep your phones on. That way, at least one person is always contactable or able to ring out if there’s a problem.

– Eyes Open – The most common sense tip of all, look at what’s around you. If you see a hazardous situation, don’t walk into it. Knowing what’s going on around you is the best way to stay safe because you can quite literally side step any potential dangers.

Our quick festival survival guide is a great starting point for first time festival-goers and those veterans needing a slight refresher. There is no reason to be fearful of a festival, they’re fun, amazing events but thinking about your safety can never be a bad thing.

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