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The Festival Season #SurviveTheWeekend

Festivals are fun. No really, they’re supposed to be so fun that some people go to Glastonbury, Festival and V Festival all in one summer. But the thing is, festivals can quickly go from fun to horror movie awful if you’re not prepared.

Make your festival experience epic, #SurviveTheWeekend in 5 easy steps.

1) Take a decent tent. If you’re at Glasto for five days and your tent collapses on day one, you’re probably not going to have that much fun. Don’t be that person that has to camp with strangers, (no one wants to be that person) be smart and get a sturdy festival tent.

2) Stay sun safe. Yes, it does occasionally happen that we get a break from the rain and you need to be prepared. Bring sun cream, don’t forget your cool aviator sun glasses and get that novelty straw hat on. Don’t forget to drink water, have a bottle in your bag at all times and stay hydrated. Nothing kills a festival more than sunstroke. Don’t let it happen to you.

3) Make yourself waterproof. It’s time to crack that classic anorak out and those farmer green wellies. Just joking. We all know that festivals double as a music and fashion parades, so when you’re looking for stylish wellies and waterproof jackets, there’s a lot of choice out there. Whatever your choice of style, you won’t want to forget your waterproofs. Once you’ve gotten soaked at a festival, its unlikely you’ll feel dry again (ever). Don’t say “it’s ok, I’ll bring an umbrella”… putting an umbrella up in a crowd will not end well for you. Waterproof up like a superhero and you’ll be so much happier than the person standing next to you, in their sodden hoody, what a festival novice…

4) Bring your hygiene with you. The weather might be unpredictable but one thing that is certain is that festivals are dirty. The toilets after day one … well, let’s just say they’re not that pleasant. But never fear, make sure you’re armed with antibacterial hand gel, wet wipes, toilet roll, tissues, deodorant and mouthwash. You won’t feel clean but at least you won’t feel disgusting and when you’re there an entire weekend, that’s better than nothing!

5) Leave your valuables at home. Festivals are a time for making memories so it’s natural to want to get your smart phone or camera out and take lots of pictures and videos, but if you value your valuables you’ll limit what you bring. There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning and finding you’ve lost your jewellery/phone/camera because you were a bit drunk the night before. And on a massive festival site what are the chances you’ll find it again? Not good. are they? Even if you’re the most careful person, taking possessions you value to a festival is a risk. Leave them at home if you don’t need them and then you’ll have no worries.

Of course, all of these steps are redundant if you don’t remember your ticket …

Don’t let your festival experience descend into a horror movie, be prepared and you’ll be loving every minute of it, even if it rains. Festivals really are fun, it’s so easy to #SurviveTheWeekend that you’ll be booking your next one as soon as you’re home.

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