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What to wear as Festival Clothing

Festival clothing is an important part of the festival season, festivals can be as much of a fashion show as a music event. It’s a chance to show off your trendy and unique fashion style. However, thanks to the wonderfully unpredictable great British weather, you want to make sure you have options for rainy days as well as scorching hot days.


Hot and sunny Checklist341

Warm, sunny festival days is what we all wish for, the days when festival clothing is anything that you want to wear. All you have to make sure of is that you have a few different options if you feel like changing between daytime and evening clothes.

  • Shorts – it will be too hot to wear anything else! Just make sure you pack a couple of pairs to last through the weekend
  • Tank tops – remember to put plenty of sunscreen on to protect those arms and shoulders!
  • Underwear – unless you prefer going commando
  • A hat – protect your head and ears, the sun might be shining but cutting the festival short due to heatstroke would ruin your weekend
  • Swimwear – festivals often have fountains and water slides where people can cool off, and it has the added benefit of doubling as underwear.
  • Ladies: you might want to pack a couple of sundresses – if it is sunny it can be nice to have something light and flowy, but don’t pack it if you will be heartbroken if it gets ruined.

The main thing to pack if you are lucky enough for the sun to shine is loads and loads of sunscreen. Keep in mind you are going to be outside most of the day. Lobster red is not in fashion! If you want to cool down whilst listening to the acts you could also bring a handheld mini fan, there is no better way to be everyone’s best friend on a hot day.


Wet weather Checklist

Festival clothing poncho Is it going to rain at your chosen festival this summer? Only the big man knows. However, spoiler alert, this is Britain. It more than probably will rain, so make sure you are prepared.

  • Raincoat or poncho – if you don’t pack it definitely WILL rain, and it will be your fault! Don’t worry about it ruining your style, there are a whole heap of funny and funky ponchos available
  • Wellies – if it does rain, you’re looking at a giant mud pit, and you don’t want your best trainers ruined in a few minutes!
  • Festival feet – If you don’t want to waste packing space on a big pair of wellies, why not get a pair of festival feet that you could just put on top of your regular shoes?
  • Hoodie or jumper – Even if it doesn’t rain it can get cold at night when it’s time to head back to the campsite

So, while you might have your funky festival clothing sorted out, don’t forget to plan for the almost certain British rain. Festival essentials have a wide range of wet weather protection and sunscreens available to keep you prepared for any weather eventuality this festival season.

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