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Festival Cooking: Camp like a King and Not a CavemanDo your Festival Cooking the easy way with this burner in grey

Festival cooking is covered in so much misconception that many people don’t even bother with it. Why faff around lighting a fire when you can just buy a cooked burger? Isn’t cooking a lot of hassle? Isn’t it dangerous?

Well I’ll let you in on the secret, it’s not dangerous, it’s minimal hassle and you don’t even have to light an open fire (which would be dangerous). Packing food and cooking it at the festival is easy and can save you a lot of money.

With the spirit burner and cook set you can cook up a storm, totally safely, and even eat it on real plates with cutlery, festival friendly of course. You can camp like a king with this festival cookery equipment, there’s no need to go full on caveman at all.

(However, if you are wanting to get back to your caveman roots and cook on an open fire, there’s always regular camping – I’m sure Bear Grylls will have some tips for you).


Festival Cooking Gadgetry Galore

tea and toastWhen it comes to festival cooking, people can be surprised by the sheer amount of useful doodads and whatsits on offer that can make festival cuisine easy as pie, (if you’ll pardon the pun).

What self respecting brit doesn’t like their tea? What kind of person would say no to a piece of toast in the morning? Well if this sounds like hotel service to you, you’ve got that wrong, you can make your own tea and toast festival style with the tea and toast package. All you have to remember is the crucial tea bags and bread. Your breakfast will be the envy of your tent neighbours as they bite into their £10 hotdogs or sad, sad morning chips.

Festivals have become such big and popular events that fun and useful items like tents, wellies, waterproofs are getting even more varied and ingenious, so why would cooking equipment be any different?


Festival Cooking: The Menu Problem

Festival cooking is a cost effective and easy route to go down but that does mean you have to decide what to take with you before you go.

The first thing to think about is containers. You need a cool box to prolong the life of some of your food like milk or meat if you’re taking them. You don’t want to get there only to fit your supplies have gone off already. You also need to think about containers that will keep your food dry – there’s nothing worse than soggy bread!

So what supplies should you pack? The most obvious thing is water, staying hydrated is crucial. Festivals are fun, indulgent affairs but it’s important to take care of your body while you’re there. Snack food like crisps and chocolate are fine but don’t serve to really fill you up and offer no nutritional value. However take some bread and baked beans, what with the easy can opener, folding toaster and spirit burner you’ve got a yummy and substantial meal.

You’re going to want to keep your energy levels up and that all begins with food. So think about these three things when planning your menu:

– Does it have a long enough shelf life?
– Will it fill you up?
– Is it cook-able at a festival?

Festival cooking is a brilliant way to make your money go further and eat some genuinely good food, and Festival Essentials have some brilliant stuff to make cooking outside easier than ever. You’ll never get a Michelin star meal, but if you’re looking for that at a festival, I think you’ve gone to the wrong place …3 in 1 can opener

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